Christa Proctor
We Move People Forward





Christa is influential through the art of creating meaningful connections for PEOPLE. 

Connecting people to their passion or purpose in a variety of ways, Christa focuses on discovering what dream is inside of you that can be revealed and then fulfilled.  For many that means engaging with her Real Estate company as a buyer, seller, or entrepreneur to see your vision come to life.  For others it is a relational moment in which thoughts are exchanged and "next steps" in life are clarified.  

Christa often speaks to groups (as a keynote or in a series of talks) sharing proven methods for becoming a person of great value to the world.  Value that will increase your influence, and thrust your personal and public life forward in measurable and immeasurable ways.

Her experience in coaching the highest producing Real Estate team nationwide for eXp Realty, as well as years of success in the Semiconductor industry, has given her understanding in how to help entrepreneurs and their teams engage successfully with one another and with their market.  

Passionate about her family, faith, and the community at large, she is able to convey hope and courage to people in the face of resistance and difficulty.  Christa is clear voice for the day at hand.