Christa Proctor
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Christa Proctor is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings life and hope to every subject she addresses.  When Christa speaks or writes, I listen.  You should too.

Dr. John Jackson, President of Jessup University, Speaker and author of books on leadership and transformation

Christa is an engaging and energetic public speaker. She presents with skill and authenticity. A VOICE of truth for these times!!!
— Dr. Joy Johnson, Founder of Life Matters and President of Sac A.C.T.
Christa Proctor is a phenomenal and experienced communicator who has a unique gift to inspire and motivate people in a way that is approachable and accessible. She has the ability to connect with people from all different walks of life because of her genuine heart for those who she is speaking to and the authentic way she lives her life.
— Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture Founder and Pastor
A few years ago I had the privilege of hearing Christa speak to a group of Realtors. I was very impressed with her passion and knowledge so I asked her to deliver the keynote speech at our next annual company retreat. Christa gave a wonderful and inspiring presentation and added tremendous value to our staff experience. I highly recommend Christa to anyone seeking an excellent group or individual communicator.
— Chris Airola, Owner of RentPros Property Management
Christa is who I think of when I think “powerful female communicator.” She is passionate, driven, creative, and articulate.
— Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Christian Church, Author
It’s one thing to be insightful. But it opens up a whole new dimension when someone’s able to communicate insights in a captivating way. Christa Proctor is that kind of engaging communicator.
— Francis Anfuso, Founding Pastor, The Rock of Roseville